warrenton united methodist

celebrates 175 years!

During the year of 1993, the Warrenton United Methodist Church celebrated the 175th anniversary of Methodism in the Warrenton community. 


Many programs, special projects, displays, pictures, etc. have been used to honor this milestone. 


One outstanding handmade project worked on by the women and men of the church is the anniversary quilt. The quilt is made up of 42 squares representing special events, etc in the 175 years of the church Ufe. The predominate colors are rose and beige-colors most often used in Biblical times. 


Three Warrenton church buildings, Bethel and Markham are represented by distinct squares, since the Warrenton church was at one time a circuit church. 


Alice Cummings was in charge of the project. Murray Edwards drew the design of the churches for the squares, and the framing was done by Roy Anderson, Walt Brown, Amos Fincham, Bob Farkas, and John Vovakes. 


The following women did the handwork on the squares: Elizabeth Alley, Gracie Alspaugh, Merle Vovakes, Lucy Barbe, Wiladette Berge, Betty Cole, Alice Cummings, Marge Desourdis, Ruth Edwards, Margaret Hanks, Alice Hiner, Billie McClanahan, Donna Martin, Kathryn Modlin, Marguerite Powers, Patricia Putnam, Chloe Taylor, and Fran Walker.