adult Discussion Group

by Shore Robertson

Together with public worship, Sunday Schools of American Methodism were a central part of the local church virtually from the beginning. In the middle of the 1960s, the Warrenton Church had two active adult Sunday School classes, the Luther Lee Allison Class for men and women and the Ruth Edwards Class for older women. Each class followed a similar format using the Cokesbury Quarterly lead by a teacher, but with little discussion.

During this time, the Church had a growing number of young couples, many with small children, and a growing number of young singles. From this group, many thought they would prefer a class more focused on a discussion group, which took biblical principles and applied them to their contemporary lives. The discussion leaders used a variety of sources materials.

Among the leaders through the years were: two pastor's wives, Clair Cosby and Magdalene Wooten; Walter Jones, a true Bible scholar, in whose memory the class's chairs were given; Dr. Walter Nicklin; Shore Robertson, who continued from the beginning until 2017; and Bill Mitchell, who continues to this day. Rev. Dr. Ruth Ann Campagna has more recently assisted in discussion leadership.

From the early days when the Class met in the kitchen of the old church building hence the name, "Kitchen Discussion Class" to today meeting in a modern classroom with modern audio­ visual equipment and materials, hundreds have been blessed in their spiritual walk. Through all these years, members have experienced true Christian love in this small group in the class setting, fellowship dinners, and support and prayer in times of need. The members have always reached out to others in need within the church and the community.