Purpose driven church

membership & fellowship

by Maureen McMahon

The position of Membership Coach was basically an offshoot from some of the responsibilities that were slotted for the previous position of Ministry of Program Activities. This change was effective July 1, 2002. As Membership Coach, the main  goals have been to warmly welcome and encourage attendees, members and prospective members. For the first three quarters of the year, WUMC has received approximately 60 new members. In addition, and in keeping with the PDC Model for '101,' we have incorporated some of the components of 'Fellowship' into the Membership 101 area. 


To accomplish our 2003 goals, a Welcome Committee and Welcome Area continues to be in place on Sunday mornings for all three services and for all special events. This Committee  assists with greeting and answering questions at an established Information/Welcome table in the main hallway area. The Committee currently is made up of established members, new members, and attendees. Welcome Packets are offered in this area. 


We have a Membership Team that now offers a monthly Membership Class. The classes are designed to teach the basic tenets and core beliefs of Christianity, Methodism and the Purpose Driven Model for the WUMC. To date, approximately 75 members/prospective members have taken the 101 Membership Class. Follow-up assistance and assimilation is provided for participants in their spiritual journey as they are baptized, join the church and become  involved in ministry. During the worship service, the 101 coach and team  will assist John Chadsey  with the reception of new members, baptisms and Communion. A dessert/coffee reception for new members was held at the parsonage for the first time this year and was well received. 


The Membership/Fellowship Coach works with other ministries involving outreach and special events and activities. For example, it has been a joy to work with our enthusiastic and new 401 and 501 Coaches, Joe Baxter and Mike Mazan, as a free movie night called Friday Flicks was offered to the community and the congregation. The 101 coach also serves as a liaison between the Care Team and the Staff as we care for God's people through mjnjstries of visitation, telephoning, baking, and transportation. We have increased the membership of the CareTeam. Guidelines and Care Cards have been developed for the Team as well. 


I continue to have the privilege to work with our minister, John  Chadsey, other staff members and volunteers, and consider it a blessing to be involved with WUMC and in particular, the ministry of Membership/Fellowship.